Welcome to Cook & Corks booking page. Our culinary classes can be tailored taking into account your dietary restrictions (e.g. allergy to gluten, lactose, shellfish, nuts, others). Considerations of the booking process:

1) Cook & Corks closes on the following days: January (Day: 1) and December (days : 24, 25, 26,
2) Portuguese Traditional Gastronomy it´s not vegetarian friendly. Its specially important if you are making a food experience with us. We can adapt the original dishes or provide a different dish.
3) All our classes are in English, except for private groups from Portugal and Brazil (we can make it in Portuguese)
4) Cook & Corks will accept bookings until the maximum number of 12 people is reached. Please note that once the minimum number of participants are 2 people, in case this number is not reached Cook & Corks may cancel your any experience.
5) Cancelations will take place until 2 days before the activity and you will receive an email informing of this.
6) People under 18 years old due to alcohol consume. In case of doubt, we may request your identification to confirm age.
7) On Cooking Classes besides Portuguese wines, beer (with alcohol) we also serve juices, coke, water (no Alcohol). On the custard classes we serve coffee, tea, milk, juice and water only.

Cook Corks Booking

Booking Process

Prices per person:
Lisbon Shore Cooking Class – 110 €
Cooking Class – 70 €
Vegetarian Cooking Class – 70 €
Wines & Olive Oil Tastings – 40 €
Custard Class – 25 €

Discounts : 
50% youngest (5 to 10 years old) on Cooking Classes while kids ( 0 to 4 years old) are free.
Custard Class : Kids are free

Any questions you may have, you can reach us thru the contact page which has a form you can submit.

You can also can contact us if you use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram . Enjoy your food or drinks experiences in a unique way… relaxed.