About Cook & Corks

Cook & Corks is a concept based on what Portuguese have best. Food and drinks, a real motive for engagement at table.

Cook Corks Lisbon Portugal

During years working on tourism sector activity we dream with moments of real Portuguese food to share and teach to foreigners. We choose some of the best Portuguese dishes that you will cook, while drink some of the best Portuguese wines.

Besides wines, we have also amazing craft beer experience. Portugal has more than 100 craft beers that you can taste in the whole country. Cook & Corks chooses some of the brands to prepare the best experience possible.

Portugal has a small dimension, however you will find diversity on food and drinks. Lisbon is ready to receive you due to amazing work done on the last decade. You will find an amazing accommodation service, activities, history, culture, gastronomy and most of all : amazing people.

The team

Our team has professional chefs, beer and wine lovers, which love to share their knowledge on food and drinks. Get ready to our experiences from 1h30m to 5 hours .

Patricia Pombo
Recently back from London where she spent the last four years, Patricia returns to her home town to focus attention on Portuguese wine. Her experience shifts mostly between wine shops & wine bars where she tasted and advised from the classics to natural wine. Alongside with Cook & Corks bespoke tastings she is the sommelier at restaurant Leopold in Lisbon. Inspired by her grandmother, Viticulture is her life passion.

Cook & Corks Experiences

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