Portuguese Bifana

Taste a Portuguese Bifana. You cannot leave Portugal without tasting a Bifana in a local coffee or tavern. The most common question is what is that? Well, Portuguese Bifana is based on Pork Meat, usually the locals eat it as a snack when they dont have time to stop for a entire meal.

Visiting Portugal, you will notice on the small coffee shops that locals eat at lunch hour a soup and/or a sandwich(es).

cook and corks portuguese bifana

Soups are often made with cabbage, such as Kale soup or pumpkin, potatoes and some herbs, while sandwiches can go into a different direction.

You will find sandwiches based on pork meat, beef, chicken or just some cheese and / or ham. However, Bifana is probably the Queen in Portugal.

From North to South, you will find Bifanas to taste and if possible, drink a beer with it (specially in the summer time). In Lisbon, most common neighbors are in Downtown Baixa, Chiado, Mouraria, Alfama, Bairro Alto. In these locations, you will find lots of coffee shops to taste them. Based on Pork, seasoned with garlic and spices, add the bread and thats it. Basic concept, but delicious and you can always order and take away.

Portuguese Bifana with ?

Taste the Portuguese flavors, unique, different, with their own personality. For this such amazing Portuguese sandwich you can also put other two ingredients :

  • Mustard
  • Piri-Piri

Adding Mustard or Piri-Piri, avoid to put to much . You want to feel all the flavors of the ingredients. Each coffee shop as their own secret or even the hand that makes them are special. Its common to listen the coffee owners saying that is special recipe of their parents or they made it.

Enjoy the sights in the country, Lisbon you can walk around the most famous neighbors to enjoy the local food. If you arrive at cruise ships terminal on the opposite site you will find several restaurants / coffee shops to try a Portuguese Bifana .