Lisbon Cooking Classes

Lisbon Cooking Classes are moments of engagement with foreigners. During our path we learn more about other cultues, but it is also what we share about local cuisine.

People love to learn the local gastronomy and taste the local flavors while visiting Portugal. We try to share the very best of our gastronomy while people love to cook and eat. Along the process of the cooking class people have several tastings such as olive oil from a Portuguese brand. This brand is present in more than 90 countries and its always possible to acquire later.

Lisbon Cooking Classes, Cook and Corks
Lisbon Cooking Classes, Cook & Corks, Bolas de Alheira

The most common dish is codfish. At Cook & Corks we try to share different recipes, according the health restrictions and religious restrictions that everybody will be able to enjoy the cooking class.

Meat dishes? Well, depending of the class we switch from pork meat, chicken, beef, rabbit. The most consumed meat in Portugal is Pork. Portuguese love meat and an excellent red wine. In the Summer, we want something fresh, such as beer. The ideal temperature is 7ÂșC .

Try several local delicacies. Lisbon is full of local coffee shops where you will be able to taste also some local sweets. Portuguese have much more than the famous custards.

Lisbon Cooking Classes

Are you the one who cooks at home? Our Lisbon Cooking Classes are the perfect culinary experience. You will be with one of our local chefs learning the step by step of the three course menu. The menu changes according the restrictions, however its a cooking class totally hands-on .

Cook & Corks, Cooking Classes, Chef

Lisbon has a new cruise terminal and for this reason we developed an unique service. If you already visited Lisbon or its your first time, your culinary experience can be the Shore Cooking Class in Lisbon.

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