Wine Styles, Taste Portugal

You will find in Portugal seven wine styles. Phoenicians introduced winemaking in the south area of what is today Portugal . Romans spread the vineyards to the north regions.

With Christianity, wine is present in ceremonies till today. Along centuries, kings, queens, first ministers had their importance for the growth of wine activity.

England had a tremendous impact on Portugal wine development. The Treaty of Windsor (1386) rise the trades of this product through the Port of Viana do Castelo. Best seller wines in those days were mainly light, high-acid red wine.

With the recognization of Portugal, several British families established in Portugal, specially in the North region of the country. Later, in 1756 it was defined what became the 1st demarcated region of wine : Douro.

Challenges of last 100 years

The regulation of wine sector in Portugal started in 1907. Wine makers started to realize the importance of knowledge not just the production process. Marketing issues, such as language, global trend, public relations, channel distribution, logistic, international sales, about many other areas till then without with such importance.

Portugal still has large wine companies, but its more common to discover excellent wines produced by small producers or Quintas. Their investment is in to quality wines, limited production for a high segment.

It is also common the co-operatives where grape producers sell and deliver their grapes / production instead of creating their own branded wines. You will find in Portugal lots of new vineyards with modern techniques, selected grape varieties thinking on the consume. However, you will also find vineyards with decades or centuries that blend ancient grape varieties.

Portugal is living an amazing wine revolution, improving the production, quality and it becomes recognized by quality, because wine makers are awarded more than ever.

Seven Portuguese Wine Styles

  1. White Wines
  2. Rosé Wines
  3. Red Wines
  4. Sparkling Wine
  5. Port Wine
  6. Madeira Wine
  7. Moscatel Wine

Visiting Portugal? Know more about each wine styles in the country, tasting and visiting wine makers.