Alentejo soups, dishes and desserts

Why is Alentejo so popular? Alentejo in Portugal represents almost 1/3 of the country and you will spent an amazing time over there. Local gastronomy is not complex and it has a mix of flavours. From the red bell pepper, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, onions where you will enjoy a local gaspacho. Amazing meat and fish dishes or soups are available everywhere.

Alentejo, Dogfish Soup , Cook & CorksYou will find also aromatic herbs such as parsley, rosemary, oregano, pennyroyal, mint and coriander. Bread as a special important, since the region has a farm characteristic . Alentejo in south of the country even blends clams from the coast with the pork meat to produce the Pork Meat Alentejo Style dish. Unique in flavor, has some paprika and small cubes of fried potatoes. Delicious goose barnacles or dishes with clams? You will love it and you are on the right place. Soups ? Delicious, with the fresh local ingredients and herbs where they add fish or bread. Cooking local gastronomy usually its easy, ten ingredients, two or three steps and its done.

15 options into Alentejo soups, dishes and desserts

  • Lard Soup
  • Tomato Soup
  • Purslane soup
  • Pot Soup
  • Dogfish Soup
  • Bread Soup
  • Scrambled eggs with asparagus
  • Portuguese Stew Alentejo style
  • Pork Meat Alentejo Style
  • Gaspacho
  • Pork meat with migas
  • Lamb Stew
  • Sericaia
  • Pão de Rala
  • Encharcadas
  • Barrigas de Freira ( Nun Bellies )

We couldn´t speak about Alentejo without speaking about wines. The wine region is well known by the reds, even they have also amazing white wines with national and international grape varieties. Check more information about the wine region clicking here.

Goose Barnacles, Alentejo, Cook & Corks

The region has also the major Olive Oil producers where they make some tastings of their products. Cheese has also some DOP regions assigned in Alentejo. Its a sign of protection and origin of the products ( Serpa, Évora and Nisa ).

However, its more than an excellent gastronomy. The region has amazing beaches and along the coast you will find several activities to make. For instance, in São Torpes, near Sines and Porto Covo, you will find kitsurf and surfing local schools. More to the south, Zambujeira do Mar besides the excellent beaches, you have amazing seafood restaurants and every August you have a Music Festival called MEO Sudoeste which receives national and international artists.

This region in Portugal is much more than food, wines, olive oil, cheese, music events, relax on the beach, its a journey into the world of pleasures while travelling .