Best custard tart ?

Best custard tart to eat? Probably one of the most common questions in our classes. We can have two perspectives about the best custard tarts while we thought about this article.

On a perspective of a foreign, each bite is a moment of pleasure, tasting the creamy custard. Sometimes, custards are confused as dessert, while for locals is a sweet on the breakfast or snack to take with a cup of milk or expresso .

Lisbon Pasteis de Belem, best custard tart

Lisbon has three well known brands by the quality of the custard tarts, which are (Alphabetical order):


Founded in 1943 based on a film that was passing in the cinema nearby his first location. The film was called “Aloma of the South Seas”, with the actress Dorothy Lamour under the name of Aloma . Aloma is present at Lisbon Airport, on departures area with two spots and has a total of 8 stores, mainly in Lisbon.


Founded at Rua do Loreto , became popular for his amazing location at Chiado. People can see the professionals on the back of a glass making carefully their famous Pastéis de Nata . Puff pastry, the delicious cream and of course. Request a coffee to eat the wonderful pastel de nata.

Pastéis de Belém

Founded in 1837 attached to a refinery while convents and monasteries were closing by imposition. Pastéis de Belém is the origin of the famous custard tarts. Only mater confectioners now the recipe till today and they sell more than 25.000 thousand per day. Fame, famous and the perfect location ( near Jerónimos Monastery) and history, we always eat more than one.

What is the best custard tart?

Thats the problem Portuguese have to answer the question. We are happy to have even much more than these three major spots, because every coffee shop you will find a sweet custard tart. Why? Because we love sugar since the Age of Discoveries.