3 traditional Portuguese sausages

Portugal has amazing traditions and food or gastronomy is just a small example. Local traditional smoked sausages are based on pork meat with fat, however you will find a bunch of local products to taste during your stay in Portugal.

Smoked sausages usually have wheat bread, olive oil, salt, garlic, sweet or spicy paprika, lard. In Portugal, you will find them available in any local supermarket or convenience store in cylindrical shape and product specifications.

You will find them in carton, plastic or pvc in vacuum atmosphere. All packages have descriptions on their labels and its also possible to find them as veggie option .

Three Portuguese sausages to taste

1. Alheira de Mirandela

Invented by the Jews as a trick to escape from the Inquisition. Jewish religion prevents of eating pork and by this reason they were identifiable by their pursuers. Sausages, Lisbon Cooking Classes, Cook and Corks

Smoke the usual pork sausages was not a option. Instead Jews replaced the Pork Meat with other meats, such as veal, turkey, rabbit, chicken, duck with a dough. The dough was giving consistency to the sausage.  Now days the most famous one is Alheira de Mirandela. You will also find excellence in the North and Center/Interior of Portugal.

Alheira de Mirandela its common to be fried in olive oil and served with cooked vegetables ( at our cooking classes its common to cook Sausage Meat Balls based on Alheira de Mirandela).

2. Flour Sausage ( Farinheira )

Portuguese Flour Sausage, Cook Corks, Lisbon

Has a maximum length of 35 cms. Brownish yellow appearance, shiny and pasty consistency. Smooth or delicate, slighty salted or spicy. Instead of bread like Alheira, the major element is flour.

You can cook and find Portuguese Farinheira in several meat stews. Perhaps, the most well know will be Cozido à Portuguesa or Scramble eggs with Farinheira.

3. Blood Sausage Rice

Blood Sausage Rice ( Morcela de Arroz in Portuguese ) is one of the most delicious delicacies of Portuguese Extremadura.

The fresh blood of the pork is seasoned with pepper and salt, diluted in red wine and vinegar. Add small piecesof parsley, onion, garlic, cumin and cloves and marinate for 8 hours.

morcela de arroz, cook corks, cooking classes

The rice you should cook separate and drain it. After this process, add the previous preparation. Blood Sausage Rice can be cooked in salt water with onions and bay leaf . Delicious to taste. Portugal has excellent brands of rice, such as Bom Sucesso.