Loreto Church

Loreto Church is also known as the Italians Church and its located in Chiado civil parish in Lisbon.

Constructed by D. João V in 1518, was to receive many Italians that were leaving in Lisbon during the Age of Discoveries to establish trades. Most of the them were originally from Genova and Veneza.

Loreto Church, Lisbon
Loreto Church, Lisbon, Picture by João Carvalho

José da Costa e Silva was the architect. Originally from Vila Franca de Xira ( city county 20 miles to north of Lisbon ), worked mainly in Portugal and Brasil.

You will find twelve chapels each one of the twelve apostles. The church has Italian marble on the interior. Portugal has amazing reserves of marble, mainly in Estremoz, Vila Viçosa area, in Alentejo.

During the famous Earthquake of 1755 in Lisbon had huge damage and it was reconstructed in 1785. Also near by you find the Carmo Convent, which also suffered huge damages during the Lisbon Earthquake.

Around Loreto Church nowdays

Today, near the Loreto Church in Lisbon you will find amazing esplanades where you will be able to enjoy the sun and colors of the Portuguese capital, some local bake and coffee shops where you will be able to taste the famous custards : pastéis de nata .

Do you love books? We hope so, because you will find the Oldest Book store in the world, called Livraria Bertrand in Chiado. Open in 1732 and its still a reference to buy a book. You will find thousand of references in Portuguese, Italian, English, German, Spanish mainly.

Chiado as an amazing night life with several bars, some of them serving Portuguese craft beer . You find an amazing diversity of restaurants and bar, besides of hundreds of AirBnB apartments to rent on the platform. Some of the streets cars are close, its allowed to to residents only. If you consider to rent a car or call Uber / Taxi services, think twice.

In Chiado you have great local stores (much more than the major brands), its one of the most touristic spots. During the weekends its crowd, however you will find always excellent alternatives to the most well known places.