Alentejo wine region

Alentejo wine region covers about a third of our country. In this region you will find diversity of wines, grape variety and amazing food and people.

Winemakers in the rest of the country complains about the popularity of Alentejo wines. Usually they are related to the soil, while others mention the unique weather from Alentejo.

The reds from this wine region are rich, fruity and you will find easily in the most common restaurants in Lisbon to taste. Weather in Alentejo wine region can be cold in the Winter while in the summer is hot. When we say hot you will find 43ºC in some locations (equivallent to 120º F ).

Alentejo Wine Region Vineyard

The geography of the terrain consists on undulating plains and gentle hills. However, you will find also some mountains near the town Portalegre, São Mamede mountain, where air will be a little bit cooler.

In terms of soils, Alentejo wine region has different characteristics such as schist, granite, limestone, pink marble mainly.

You will find also white wines which is more complex due to the hot climate. Winemakers have already developed excellent good ones, adding the necessary skills in the cellars and vineyards.

Major Grape variety of Alentejo wine region

Antão Vaz is the star. why ? Because it as a good acidity and tropical fruit flavours. However there is more grape varieties, such as Aragonez, Rabo de Ovelha, Perrum, Manteúdo, Diagalves, Roupeiro and ArinAlentejo White Wines, Conde D´Ervideirato.


A good example of an excellent white is a S de Sol from Ervideira. Has an amazing taste to our palate and on summer its dangerous because it has 14% alcohol . Ervideira cellar is located in Vendinha, near Reguengos de Monsaraz .

In what concerns to red wines, the French grape Alicante Bouquet is known. However you will find also Alfrocheiro, Castelão and Trincadeira. Moreno, Tinta Caiada and Tinta Grossa.

More recently, wine makers started to incorporate internacional grapes such as Syrah , Cabernet Sauvignon . Visit Alentejo and while in Lisbon, make a Wine & Olive Tasting with Cook & Corks. We are located near downtown.