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Classes and Experiences ? Welcome to Cook & Corks, Lisbon ! We prepared several unique experiences on the Portuguese capital based on food and wines from Portugal. Our country is known by amazing seafood. We have a huge diversity of gastronomy because we have more than 900 kms of coast line.

Lisbon Shore Cooking Class

Lisbon Shore Cooking Class Your cruise ship will stop in Lisbon? We have the perfect food experience where you will taste Lisbon, Portugal and learn about the Portuguese.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off at your cruise ship for a real culinary experience with a local chef. Amazing tastings along the class.

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Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes, red dish, Lisbon, PortugalLove to cook and drink? A Cooking Class is the perfect food and drink experience for you.

Our class is based on the most common gastronomy which becomes into the real Portuguese culinary experience.

Why corks? Every wine bottle have a cork to take care.  + Cooking Class >

Vegetarian Cooking Class

Cook & Corks, Cooking, PotIf you are vegetarian or vegan, this will be your best option. Work with the main Portuguese ingredients on a three course menu.

Portugal has amazing fresh vegetables that you will love to taste the flavours. Vegetarian Cooking Class is available twice per week. Every Tuesdays and Fridays, from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm. + Vegetarian Cooking Class >>

Wines & Olive Oil Tastings

wines ham olive oil corksYou love to taste different flavors? Try the local products? Wines & Olive Oil Tasting is a mix of local products and wine experience where you will not cook. However, you taste and sampling different products from Portugal.

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